Camilo Rivera < Web Developer ⁄>

Let whoAmI = 'Just Me'

I'm Camilo Rivera a web developer from Bogotá Colombia, with three years of experience. I love code, the new technologies and work creating solutions that fix people's problems. I spend my time learning, reading, writing, sometimes on Netflix, or maybe doing the things that I like.

5 Great things about me

  • My Ability to learn from my mistakes.
  • Commitment.
  • Passion for my projects.
  • Working as a team, best way to win.
  • I learn something new every day.

Profesionnal references.

Breno Sisnando.

CTO in Tambourine Inc.
T: 316.535.14.24

Daniel E. Wilches.

Lead Developer in Tambourine Inc.
T: 312.502.43.50

Personal references.

Cristina M. Rueda.

T: 311.888.49.14

Natalia Rivera Q.

T: 321.461.90.66
He's a good guy